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It's entertaining to play or hunt with bows. But you have to make sure you're securely doing it. So you need the Best Archery Arm Guard for bow hunting. Since the stone age, the archery arm guards have served people and new developments are being introduced on this piece of gear.

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SAS 8" Armguard

Tarantula Sleeve Wrap Armguard

KRATARC Archery Leather
Allen Company Molded 4-Strap Archery Armguard

It's entertaining to play or hunt with bows. But you have to make sure you're securely doing it. So you need the Perfect Archery Arm Guard for bow hunting. Since the stone age, the archery arm guards have served people and new developments are being introduced on this piece of gear.

For the excellence of your archery techniques, you'll probably need proper preparation. It is a must-have accessory for your safety, whether you are a professional or a beginner archery arm guard. Not only does the guard give you safety, but it will also allow you to be better at nailing your shots.

Both archers know that you need to have the correct bow, bows, points, and a practice target in order to get into the sport. But the arm guard is one piece of equipment that is sometimes ignored. If you fire without an archery arm guard, the accidental whack of your arm's drawstring will bring tears to your eyes. An archery armguard covers the arm from both needless and embarrassing injury.Learn How To Make An Archery Arm Guard Step By Step.

Archery arm guards are used to secure the arm of your bow. When the arrow is shot, the bowstring would almost definitely graze the forearm. The intensity at which an arrow is fired by a bowstring is high, and it can inflict scrapes, cuts, or a potentially severe injury if the bowstring hits your skin. To trigger damage, it only needs one snapback, and repeated hits increase this chance.

Archery is definitely a wonderful and exciting sport, but it can lead to discomfort, bruises, and accidents without the right clothing. It is crucial that you use the right archery arm guards to ensure the best results and minimize the chances of getting hurt. But with so many versions out on the market today, it is always a challenging task to pick the best one.

There are a few things you need to know about your dream arm guard. The following are reviews of some of the better archery arm guards to assist you with the right decision. So before making your next buy, make sure to give them a read!

Best Archery Arm Guard Reviews

In archery, you need proper instruction along with experience to do better. You also cannot ignore the importance of good gears, like arrows, arrow rests and archery arm guards. Here is the list of the best arm guards for archery with reviews.

In archery, in order to better performance, you need proper advice along with experience. The value of good gears, such as bows, arrow rests and archery arm guards, should also not be overlooked. Here is the list of ratings of the best arm guards for archery.

1.SAS Archery Arm Guard 

SAS 8 armguard has a speciality in the design field, being an exceptional all-around arm guard for archery. If you want a good-looking arm guard with all aspects of efficiency, then one of the best items you can find is this SAS 8 Armguard.

Not a lot of arm guards on the market right now are as good-looking as this one. The black colour looks professional and stealthy on this arm shield. The welding on the surface is also excellent and gives it a classy tone.

The size of the guard is 8"x3", as the full-length arm guard archery offers excellent protection, if not full protection. It has an adjustable strap configuration of three belts. So, you don't have to think now about whether or not the guard will suit your arm. The guard has three pad lanes and four air holes in it to breathe.

The guard protects half of your arm, so the friction of the bowstring doesn't give you any risk of getting injured. The fabric may not irritate your skin, but you may feel discomfort after a while, so it is suggested that you get a full sleeve t-shirt underneath. The guard's surface is smooth, so the bow and string run smoothly over it and do not get slapped.

It is easy to use what we enjoyed the most in this product. It comes with a very basic design and features, and without much experiment, anyone can use this one. So according to our review unit, it is the best Youth Archery Arm Guard.


Low Cost and customizable

Convenient to wear

One size suits all

Full-length arm guard

Efficient airflow

Offers outstanding defence 

Buckles are quick to put on and put off


  • A good fit is supported by three straps
  • Materials of  lightweight
  • Vents have sufficient air-flow
  • The material of high quality
  • Customized service


  • Sometimes may pinch the skin

The Tarantula Sleeve is one of the market's top arm guards for bow shooting. It's a very good guard that provides full forearm protection. For a reasonable period of time, you should be able to wear this guard, as it provides good airflow and ventilation.

For those that have larger arms, this guard is made as it is 8 inches long, and provides adjustable straps. I like that this one can be worn over clothing comfortably, ideal for those cold days/nights when you shoot. They also have buckles on the straps to ensure that it is secure when it is fastened and not at risk of slipping.

It's made from strong materials in terms of consistency and is very durable. In reality, the manufacturer gives a lifetime guarantee that illustrates how secure they are in the durability of the product. It is not the cheapest commodity on the market, but it has a simple straightforward design that will be enjoyed by any archer.


Length is 8" long

Three buckles and elastic straps

Maintains clothes away from bowstring

Country of origin is China

Lifetime guarantee

Suitable for larger weapons

CAMO pattern in order to remain unnoticed

Effective ventilation & airflow

Hard and high-quality content


Lightweight and comfortable to put on

One size suits all


Comfortable and convenience

Durable and secure product


Synthetic compound

3.Kratarc Leather Wristband Archery Arm Guard

The KRATARC Leather Wristband Archery is very lightweight, so much so that you can scarcely feel it. It is made of genuine leather, which is good because it is about as tough as it can be for an armed guard. When wearing the KRATARC Archery Leather Wristband, you will not feel the arrow or bowstring on your arm. Also, the inside is very soft, a major bonus, even if not quite breathable.

The cool thing about this particular archery arm guard is that it's unisex, one size fits all, and even ambidextrous. It comes with a full-length lacing device, one that looks kind of cool, plus it helps you to change it for a close, comfortable and healthy fit. With that being said, it's going to be a little difficult to do the laces because you can only use one hand to do so.

This brand is known for its high-quality pieces and there is no exception to this arm guard. It is made of excellent leather with metal studs. The material it's made of makes it resistant to scratch as well as robust. This arm guard is 8.7 inches long and is suitable for right- and left-hand users alike. You may use it for hunting and shooting, in addition to archery.


The best protection for lower arm

Runs wide in size

The elastic band is easy to replace

Multiple-use like hunting and shooting


Perfect for shooting

Durable fabrics and Soft Interior

Superior lace-up scheme for a safe fit


Ambidextrous and Unisex

Comfortable Convenience

Elevated standard of defense

Flexible and runs high

Durability of dubious elastic band


Laces are a little tough to make up for

4.Allen Molded 4-Strap Archery Arm Guard

This is a very distinct type of archery arm guard if you're looking for an extra bit of defense. This is a full-length arm guard, so your entire arm, biceps and forearm are covered. It is a lightweight guard with a striking style for camouflage.

This is such a soft arm guard that you almost forget you're wearing it. But don't be fooled; for errant bowstrings or even arrows, it provides full security. And as you bend and stretch your arm, the elbow's versatility ensures that your movements are not limited by the guard. Still, for certain people, the extra length can be inconvenient and downright needless. If you already have good form, there's usually plenty of shorter guards.

The fit is comfortable and stable, and the overall materials and design are of high quality. The best thing is it comes at a pretty low price. This item features fully adjustable straps with easily released buckles to allow resizing. It's manufactured in the USA and Mossy Oak BreakUp Camo Camo is the fabric.


Full-length forearm and bicep defence

Adjustable belts with buckles with quick release

Flexible and lightweight

Mossy Oak Camo Break-Up

Soft and easy

The striking concept for camo

Crafted in the USA


Lightweight Weight

Maximum security

Flexible and unconstrained

The low range of prices



Unneeded length for others

5.Allen Company Mesh For Kids Archery Arm Guard 

For smaller or younger archers, the Allen Company Mesh arm guard is specially designed. It is intended to safeguard smaller weapons from injury. They come in a sleek black mesh material and are available in orange, pink or green backing fabrics to choose from. A sturdy strip down the middle of the item protects your arm from the strength of the bow.

This guard is lightweight and breathable and is ideal for various weapons of different sizes. It has a lot of padding and will not bunch when in use, making it suitable for archers who are younger and more inexperienced. It performs well and provides the arm with a great degree of security. It is probably too little for most adults, of course.

The large straps are made of a lightweight elastic fabric that helps to avoid rubbing and pinching. It is quick to use and change the buckles. When wearing the arm guard, changes can be made with one hand without having to remove it.


Well manufactured

Simple to use

Amazing defence

Durable strip

Lightweight and breathable

Protection is so great


Very much flexible

Quite durable, very durable,

Perfect for teenagers

Simple to bring on and off

Loosens over the course of time


Will not fit grownups

6.Mossy Oak Hunting Accessories Archery Arm Guard 

Instead of only the wrist, if you are looking for a full arm guard, then the dressiest choice for you is the Mossy Oak 10-Inch 4 Strap Armguard. For many years, Mossy Oak has been producing hunting accessories, and they have a reasonably good reputation. 10 inches is the length of the arm protector. So, it will provide the most total security that an armed guard can provide.

With a piece of lightweight fabric, this 10-inch guard has a full arm guarding design. So without sacrificing comfort, it will give you perfect protection from your upper arm to the wrist. It will certainly trigger a problem in bowhunting if you wear a heavyweight arm guard for maximum protection.

Speaking of the fabric on this guard, it is slippery and allows the bowstring to fly smoothly. This armour has two pad areas on it. One on the upper arm and one on the side of the forearm. The Mossy Oak Break-Up pattern between two padding components enables the spontaneous movement of your arm.

You'll love the smooth experience this guard offers you. However, the manufacturer may have included less toughness in their fabric to make it super light and smooth. So, if you're using it loosely, this guard will not last for long.

However, it has some adjustability options to make it more versatile. This best full arm guard has an adjustable clasp system that easily keeps the guard to your hand. You will feel that the duration is truly sufficient after using this long arm guard. A valuable purchase for any archer is this long sleeve arm guard for the price range.


Full arm guard in 10" size

Mossy Oak Break-Up

Easily adjustable clasps

The price is fair given the size of the

Nice graphics from CHEMO


Longer bow guards than the average

Excellent value for money

Comes with immense comfort

Hooks are perfect on the straps,



Does not work well under wet weather conditions

7.Santu Cowhide Archery Arm Guard 

The ultimate professional archery guard you might want to wear is the Santu Cowhide Archery Arm Guard. To safeguard the forearm and bicep, the guard has a great whole-arm design. For archers who love full wrist and biceps covers, it is one of the top quality archery forearm guards.

For elbow flex, the guard body has two padded areas and is flexible in between. You can scarcely notice it on your hand during bowhunting if you wear it properly. The comfort and ease will make your life much simpler than many other sleeves on the market for arm guards.

This arm guard has four strap systems to fit correctly in the hand to make it flexible and perfectly set. The belts are flexible and perfectly suit either hand. So in a humid state, it won't go down quickly.

The Santu Cowhide Archery Arm Guard is 22cm long, 8.5cm high, 6.3cm wide. Durable and soft, the leather is. The scale is ideal to better protect the forearm. Usually, archery arm guards that do not protect the arm well will get you into trouble in extreme situations.

It feels smooth and good in your palm. Three vent holes provide excellent ventilation so that your skin respires properly. There are pointed vents in the Elbow joint area so that the area becomes more ventilated and relaxed. The leather is treated and polished so that it can move much easier with your bowstring.


Durable and lightweight

All in one

Comfortable price

Set perfectly and flexible

A premium feel is provided by processed cowhide

Length: 22cm; width: 8.5cm, 6.3cm wide below

Adjustable straps-One size for everyone

Thick material that is robust, soft and smooth, feels good

Light quality, simple and easy to carry, armband protection


Protects from wrist to biceps

Air holes provide adequate ventilation

Pleasant and well-ventilated

Inexpensive price

One size suits all


Quite a long arm guard, very lengthy

8.OMP Mountain Man Leather Archery Arm Guard

If you are looking for an easy-to-use and high-quality arm guard, then OMP Mountain Man 2-Strap Ventilated Leather Suede Arm Guard is the one to choose from. The arm guard is made from suede of high quality. Even, because of its design approach, the arm guard is lightweight. So without sacrificing on its lighter weight, you will find it very robust.

I liked the ventilation system of this archery wrist protector, with the perfect weight. You will find 4 long ventilation holes if you look at it closely. Not only do these holes provide ideal airflow, but they also reduce the weight and bulk of the system. So, with the OMP Mountain Man 2-Strap Arm Guard, the overall comfort level will be okay.

7 inches in length is the arm guard. The classic layout is more like the standard arm guard for archery. Thanks to the maker for the good light brown suede paint.  The guard trap is intended to make the guard easy to put on and yet remain snug.

The leather makes every delivery nice and smoothes the bowstring so that the leather-like cloth and other materials do not damage the guard. Under the leather are three padded channels that give the guard more strength. The perfect touch, in my opinion, to give you comfort.

Bevelled stitching on the guard often provides it with professional and fancy looks. This arm guard is for those who have passed the starting mark. Overall, the value price for this arm guard is outstanding.


Crafted from Suede

Vented to ensure sufficient air-flow

The arm guard is seven inches long

2 strap arm guard

High quality and sustainable

Lightweight and good design

The standard of construction is robust and strong.

The Velcro two-strap lock offers a nice match.


Suede leather is comfortable

Well-controlled airflow

Comfortable Convenience and customizable

 Effective ventilation in the air

Perfect for all skill levels


Not good for novices

9.ArcheryMax Leather-Best Traditional Arm Guard

Archery Max is exceptional collection from other arm guards on this list. In addition to providing additional safety, what's cool here is that the ArcheryMax Archery Shooting Glove is a lace up glove, which means that you can tighten it to suit you better, although it's more than just a little hard to do the laces.

The fabric feels good against the skin and is very smooth. It will effectively keep your arm secure, even though the leather is pretty small.

In order to really make this item fit properly, it will take some practice, and maybe even a helping hand. However the ArcheryMax Archery Shooting Glove is just as good as it gets in terms of forearm defense. It is made of natural leather, with one of the betting choices for this kind of product being leather. It's very tough, and for thousands of shots to come, it'll be able to shield your weapon. It is also available in right- and left-handed versions.

It is handmade and features a glove style that fits hands of medium to large sizes. During your game, the arm guard is flexible enough not to impede mobility. The width is adjustable to your desired preference and comfort, though the length is set.

One of its disadvantages is that when it gets loose, there's no way to tighten it. To secure it properly, you might have to buy an extra piece. Another downside is that it can get pretty hot after a while.

Compared to the others in this series, the ArcheryMax Archery Arm Guard is special as it is not only there to protect the arm, but also serves as an archery glove. This helps over-protect the palm, reducing the possible pain of holding the bow.


Very Comfortable

Suits well

Offers ample defense

Manufactured from authentic leather

Superior Longevity and supportive 

Comfortable, lightweight material

Elevated standard of defense

Adjustable Lacing Adjustable Lacing

Traditional Style In Style

Two alternatives for leather


Terrific look

Lightweight Weight

Comfortable Convenience

Full arm safeguard

Fully Adjustable


Limited ventilation

10.Bohning Archery Slip On Arm Guard

Many individuals who bought this item agree that it is a perfect match and were shocked at how comfortable it is to use. Some users thought, however that the rubber strip was too soft and tiny and did not provide adequate protection.

The Bohning Archery, Slip on, we particularly loved because it is incredibly easy to use. It does not have any belts, loops, or clips, so after a few shots, it does not have to be readjusted. At the beginning of your session, you just need to slip it on and take it off until your session finishes.

This model is the perfect choice for women and children due to its small scale. But it may not be appropriate for a beginner because it does not provide much security and coverage. For more advanced users who know precisely where the string will hit, it is fine.

In order to ensure adequate coverage and safety, the rubber strip should be built to be more rugged and wider. It was also possible to strengthen the stitching so that the sleeve would not be left with wide gaps. If these items are looked at the Slip-On will certainly become the go-to armguard of any woman!

A comfortable unit which provides a snug fit is the Bohning Archery-Slip-On. It is the ideal choice for women because of its stylish compression-fit nylon and high-quality construction. The rubber strip, however, is too thin and does not provide sufficient defense against string slaps.


In four different sizes, available

High-quality construction guarantees longevity and durability

Ideal for Hunting to Hold Back Bulky Sleeves

Does not have to be changed, time and resources saved

Highly easy to use and guarantees a convenient fit


Best quality and service

Perfect choice for women and children

adequate coverage and safety

Very much strong and durable

Light weight


Could come undone the stitching

Different Types of Materials For Archery Arm Guard

The original arm guards were made mainly of animal hides and even stone when bows and arrows were first used. Fortunately, a wide variety of materials are effectively in use today. The materials that are most common are:

Leather  (suede)


Materials from composites

The most prevalent is going to be the composite material guard. These are found all over the internet and in archery equipment-carrying retail stores. All three, however, provide the arm with great defense. It's going to come down to taste, what feels more convenient, and what the best price is.

Types of Archery Arm Guard

Today, two kinds of archery arm guards are available on the market and include:


Full-length arm guards are more suited for beginners; this type of guard may also be used by professionals, however. From the biceps to the wrist, this model covers the arm, providing protection from string slaps. But they can be a little awkward sometimes.

2.Half-Length or Standard

For archers who are more proficient and know how to rotate their elbows while shooting, a regular arm guard is more fitting. Attached to the forearm, this model holds the arm away from the bowstring. In addition, for your wrist, it is more flexible and relaxed.

What to look for when you buy the Arm Guard

When choosing an arm guard, there are several separate variables to search for. The main components below are to help judge which guard is best suited.

Archery Armguard Buying Guide

1.Versatility Availability

When you are bowhunting in the forest, is this anything to wear in practice as well? If hunting with the arm guard used for practice decides if, if it does it creates noise when rubbed against clothing or skin, a new arm guard would be required.

It would most likely spook the deer to be in a tree stand with a deer 30 yards away and when the compound bow is raised to shoot the arm guard scratches against clothing. Try with the planned hunting clothing to be used on the guard. This could make all the difference between a good hunt and an ineffective one.


An arm guard is something that can be worn for just 30 minutes or a whole day if you're hunting. It requires, therefore to feel relaxed on your arm. Make sure that it is not too close and that it does not damage the skin or clothes.

3.Quality Facilities

The quality of the materials used to make the guard will decide how simple it is its longevity, and how helpful it is. On the market, there are many different kinds of arm guards and most of them work well.

Be cautious of models that are price-wise in the single digits that are too heavily discounted, but construction may lack robust materials that could easily break into a guard. In the end, with a conventional armguard from a reputable company, you'll be better off.

4.Standard Size

Most arm guards are available in one size that suits most models. A custom made guard may be required for weapons that are either too small or too big for a standard arm guard. To try it on before buying, look for a store that allows you to take the guard out of the box.

The only way to judge comfort and proper fit is this. To allow for a snug fit, but not close, the guard should be flexible. When training or hunting, it needs to stay on your arm.


If the guard is used for hunting, appearance matters. A dark color would fit well for hunting, ideally a camo pattern (like mossy oak). For a target archer, something flashy or bright could be fun.

6.Security And Safety Measurements

To avoid string burns and painful bruises, ensure that the guard protects the region of the string slaps.


Every day of the hunting season, or training several times a week, an arm guard that is durable enough to withstand the use is needed out in the woods. Fortunately, most arm guards that are currently available are made to endure hours of practice or hunting. In order to get a product with good overall longevity, buy a quality, well-fitting guard.

Final Thought on Archery Arm Guard 

We are here to suggest that good quality bows and arrows are not the only important things that are required to tie these things up. Archery is also enjoyable and a professional game. Skilled archery bowhunters earn money. You have to remember the fact that when you are on hunt or practice, you have to have all the safety gears to avoid some kind of injury.

You can pick from all the arm guards on the market from each of the seven that we've spoken about here. At your own request, you can pick from very short to longer ones. According to your own tastes, you can choose from plastic fabrics to leather ones.

You won't have to worry about your safety, no matter whether you're a novice or a seasoned bowhunter. It's never a waste to invest in a decent arm protector.

Archery Arm Guard (FAQs)

What is an Archery Arm Guard?

Answer: Either leather or synthetic materials can be made into an arm guard. Through the use of Velcro or elastic, they are attached to the arm of the archer (like an armband).

The main aim of the guard is to shield the forearm and wrist of the archer from the string that reaches the limb, which may cause burns or bruises. Either improper shape or the archer's anatomy may trigger a string slap.

The physical make-up of certain archers can not allow them to hold the bow properly, which can lead to painful string slaps. This does not, however, mean that the person may not be a proficient archer.


Do you need an Archery Arm Guard?

Answer: The response to that is yes and no. If you have an experienced archer who can handle the bow correctly, then you really don't need one.

But the use of an arm guard as a piece of defensive gear to minimize the damage from the string and keep you firing will still help any archer. At every time they shoot, new archers and those who have a problem with the hold of the bow should wear it.

Who should buy archery arm guards?

Answer: Arm guards operate by shielding the shooting bow arm completely from the risk of painful contact with the bowstring that can occur if your shooting abilities are not the best. Archers who have difficulty correctly spinning their bow arm should invest in an arm guard.

All archers can shoot using a finger tab and arm guard, whether you are new to shooting or experienced. These basic pieces of equipment will boost your shooting practice dramatically. The arm guard should protect the joint and forearm of the inner elbow. For all beginners, a full length arm guard is recommended especially if you can hyper-extend your elbow.

How to Put On An Archery Arm Guard?

Answer: When you've got your own right arm guard, it's time to put it on. To have a comfortable fit, simply place it on top of your arm and adjust the straps with your other hand. Regardless of any motion while shooting, this will keep it in a steady position.

Do all archers need an arm guard regardless of the skill level?

Answer: It is definitely recommended that all archers use an arm guard when shooting to defend themselves. Advanced archers do not need an especially broad arm guard, however. With a shorter alternative, professional shooters will be better off as there is less risk that poor form may lead to injury. Beginners, when they continue to practice and train, may want more coverage.

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