Best Bow Strings

Best Bow Strings

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Know How Before Selecting Bow Strings

It's challenging to locate the proper compound bowstring for you when it comes to compound bowstrings. Many elements must be considered, including the craftsmanship of the bow string, how it will be used, the material, the type of bow string, and many others. If you don't obtain a compound bow string that's right for your strength and needs, you can wind up harming yourself or not being as effective as you could be.

Types Of Bow String

You can pick between two types of bowstrings: custom strings and stock bowstrings.

1.Custom String

High-quality bowstrings designed exclusively for hunters are known as custom strings. They are composed of the highest quality materials and are quite costly. They're very valuable because they keep synchronization for long periods of time, are extremely precise, and feature tightly wrapped servings that don't split.

2.Stock bowstring

Stock bowstrings are the ones that come pre-installed in the bow from the manufacturer. They're mass-produced, which means they're a lot less expensive. However, they are of lower quality, less lasting, and inconsistent for the same reason.

Materials Of Bow Strings

Compound bowstrings are made of four different materials: BCY-X, 8190, 8125G, and 452X.


The greatest bowstrings on the market are constructed of BCY-X material. They are well-balanced, incredibly solid and durable, and capable of providing the highest speeds and accuracy.


When it comes to recurves and crossbows, 8190 is the most common material for bowstrings. They are more durable than the BCY-X and have the ability to increase speed.


8125G is a fast and durable material, especially when used with gore fibre. When heated, though, it has a tendency to stretch.


Because 452X is more stable than all other materials, it has been used for bowstrings for the longest time. However, it is not as long-lasting as the others, and the material begins to fray. It can be made more durable by using gore fibre.

Color Of Bow Strings

The colour of the bowstring has no bearing on performance. However, if you have a specific colour taste, you should stick to it.

Your selections will be severely limited if you purchase a stock bowstring. So, if you want a bowstring in a really precise hue, you'll probably have to go with a custom-made bowstring.

Ideal Number Of Bow Strands

The amount of strands employed in the bowstring's design is crucial. In general, the faster the arrow, the lower the bowstring. But it's a little more complicated than that. If you drop the strand count too much, the tuning will be affected, and there may be more vibrations. As a result, the final bow will be significantly more unstable and incorrect.

 As a result, you must find the correct balance. Less strands but only to a certain extent. You may attain a superb archery experience by using the best bow string silencer. As a result, most bowstring manufacturers specify the number of strands in their bowstrings. The masses of the bowstring are represented by the following strand numbers:

  • 40 pounds for 12 strands
  • 50 pounds for 14 strands
  • 65 pounds for 16 strands
  • 70 pounds for 18 strands

The Best Compound Bow Strings Buyer's Guideline

We have conducted extensive research to assist you in determining which bow string is best for you. So keep reading for a comprehensive evaluation of the best compound bow strings available. In terms of quality and performance, we come up with a list of the best 7 recurve and compound bowstrings. Examine their ratings, benefits, features, and drawbacks to find your ideal match.

KESHES Dacron Replacement Recurve Bowstring

If you are looking for a bowstring that will not only last but also perform well throughout your most critical game then you shouldn't hesitate to choose the KESHES Dacron Bowstring. It is the most recent iteration of the well-known Dacron series.

This bowstring has the same power and stretch as the B-50, but it is more resilient and lasts longer due to the less permanent stretch. When you draw the bowstring, it instantly snaps back to its original length.

The ability to fast flight strings is one of the key reasons we put this one at the top of our bow string review list. It properly fits into the grooves on the limbs and performs admirably during your game. Furthermore, I appreciate how adaptable they are when it comes to producing varied sizes.

These KESHES Bowstrings come in a variety of sizes ranging from 44” to 70”, allowing you to use them with a variety of bows. This bowstring comes in three tensions: 12 Strands (for up to 40 pounds), 14 Strands (for up to 50 pounds), and 16 Strands (for up to 60 pounds) (for up to 70 pounds).

This bowstring's ends have already been looped, so all you have to do now is place them into your bow. This means you can just connect it to the bow and begin shooting right away, making assembly a breeze.

Features Of KESHES Dacron Replacement Recurve Bowstring

  1. POWER- Dacron B-55 String will provide you with the same amount of power while shooting
  2. LONGEVITY- you want your string to endure as long as possible
  3. ENDLESS LOOP TYPE - The ends are already fashioned into loops, so you can use it right away in your bow.


  • Produced by a reliable company
  • Instantly snaps back to its original length
  • Sizes range from 44” to 70” in length
  • There are several tension levels to choose from
  • When you buy a bowstring, the ends are looped


  • One of the loops isn't big enough to fit around all recurves, according to some users.
  • For a typical arrow nock, the serving is a touch large.

Premium Gear B-50 Dacron Replacement Recurve Bowstring

B-50 Dacron Replacement by Premium Gear One of the best and most durable bowstrings on the market is the Recurve Bowstring. Because of its performance, power, and durability, this is one of the most popular compound bowstrings on the market. It is capable of shooting an arrow with the bow's full potential because this bowstring has the same power as the previously stated KESHES B-55 Dacron Bowstring. It also has a lot of stretch to it. When you pull the bowstring, however, it takes about a second for it to return to its previous length. As a result, it's more prone to get stretched over time. This compound bowstring is available in AMO lengths ranging from 48” to 62”, implying that the bowstring's actual size is between 44” and 58”. As a result, while this bowstring still has a lot of range, it can't be used for larger bows that require 60” or more.

There are three distinct strands for tension support: 12 Strands (for up to 40 pounds), 14 Strands (for up to 50 pounds), and 16 Strands (for up to 60 pounds) (for up to 65 pounds).


  • AMO Length Premium Quality B-50 Dacron Replacement Recurve Bow String ( Please Read Below )
  • Black in colour
  • This compound bowstring is available in AMO lengths ranging from 48” to 62”
  • When ordering, provide the AMO length and number of strands
premium gear.jpg


  • For long-term use, it is quite durable
  • It's made of high-quality materials
  • Strong enough to hit the target with the arrow
  • There are three different tension supports to choose from
  • Sizes range from 44” to 58” in length


  • Only one colour is available
  • It doesn't have as much stretch as the B-55
  • Jaguar CRS-004C Crossbow String

The Jaguar CRS-004C is a crossbow string that measures 26.5” in length and fits bow limbs that are 26.75” in length. It is totally constructed of polyester fibre and can withstand a pull weight of up to 175 pounds. The Jaguar CRS-004C Crossbow String comes in pairs, which is the best part about it. As a result, you get two of these so that you may replace one if it goes out. This crossbow string is only 0.3 ounces in weight and can simply be slipped into your pockets when you need to transport it. The only drawback to this string is that it only comes in one size. You must be cautious and ensure that it will fit your crossbow before purchasing.


  • The 26.5" frame can support up to 175 pounds of draw weight.
  • Made of polyester fibre
  • fits a 26.75" limb


  • Powerful
  • Perfect for a Jaguar crossbow with a draw weight of 175 pounds
  • Polyester Fibre is used to make this item
  • This item is sold in pairs
  • Lightweight


  • There are no other sizes available
  • It requires a lot of upkeep or it would fray and wear away
  • Southland archery supply SAS B-50 Dacron Bowstring

SAS B-50 Dacron Replacement from Southland Archery Supply Traditional recurve bowstrings are among the most powerful and long-lasting bowstrings available. It's made in the United States with excellent B-50 Dacron material. SAS B-50 Dacron from Southland Archery Supply is available in AMO lengths ranging from 48” to 64”, corresponding to bowstring sizes ranging from 44” to 60”. This is a fantastic range that can accommodate most bows. AMO 66” is the only size that isn't available.

There are three distinct strands for tension support: 12 Strands (for up to 40 pounds), 14 Strands (for up to 50 pounds), and 16 Strands (for up to 60 pounds) (for up to 65 pounds). SAS B-50 Dacron Replacement from Southland Archery Supply Traditional Recurve Bow String has an unending loop design that makes it easy to fit to your bows. However, because it is only available in black, you don't have a lot of options.


  • Made in the United States of America
  • Stretch loop bow-55 Dacron String
  • more durable and lasts longer with less permanent stretch
  • AMO is 4" longer than the actual length of the bow string
  • From 12 to 16 strands: More strands for more draw weight bows and fewer strands for smoother shooting
  • Endless loop type


  • One of the greatest materials for bowstrings
  • Strong and long-lasting
  • Because it comes in lengths ranging from 44” to 60”, it will suit most bows
  • There are three different tension supports to choose from
  • For ease of use, it has an unending loop


  • Black is the only colour option
  • It doesn't hold up well in hot weather
  • Replacement archery bowstring for traditional recurve bows

Replacement Archery Bowstring for Traditional Recurve Bows is a powerful and long-lasting compound bowstring with just the right amount of flexibility. It's composed of excellent B-55 Dacron material, which is 100 percent polyester and offers maximum durability while allowing for minimum stretch. Traditional Recurve Bow Replacement Archery Bowstrings are offered in AMO lengths ranging from 48” to 68”, with bowstring diameters ranging from 44” to 64”. This is a rather broad range that encompasses the majority of bows. As a result, you can find the correct bowstring no matter which bow you have.

There are three distinct strands for tension support: 12 Strands (for draw weights between 10 and 25 pounds), 14 Strands (for draw weights between 25 and 40 pounds), and 16 Strands (for draw weights between 40 and 50 pounds) (for draw weight between 40 to 65 pounds). The strands should be chosen based on the draw weight of your bow. The bowstring comes with a central serving and loops, allowing you to put it on right away.


  • NEW B-55 DACRON MATERIAL- 100% polyester and has many of the same characteristics as Dacron, but with improved durability and minimum stretch over time
  • AMO LENGTH vs. ACTUAL LENGTH — To make sure you choose the right string for your bow, keep in mind that AMO length relates to the bow's overall length, while the string's actual length is around four inches shorter
  • STRAND COUNT SELECTION — The more strands required to prevent stretch and preserve string length over time, the heavier the poundage bow
  • EASY INSTALLATION – Both loops and the centre serving are pre-served, making these strings ready to use right away. When stringing your bow, remember to use a stringer tool to ensure that both you and your bow are as safe as possible


  • Made of high-quality B-55 Dacron
  • Extremely long lasting
  • Stretch is kept to a minimum
  • Sizes range from 44” to 64” in length
  • Ends have previously been looped


  • The colour black is the only one available
  • FLEMISH Fast Flight Plus Replacement Bowstring

FLEMISH Fast Flight Plus Replacement is a replacement for the FLEMISH Fast Flight.

Premium Flemish Braided material is used to make the recurve bowstring. This is great for bows with a low stretch and a lot of power. This compound bowstring includes a Flemish twist, which makes the arrow's flight path quieter and smoother. It's also easy to tune because the string stretches quite a bit. Despite the fact that it has a lot of stretch, it returns to its former shape almost immediately after being released. FLEMISH Fast Flight Plus Replacement is a replacement for the FLEMISH Fast Flight. Recurve Bowstring comes in a variety of bowstring diameters ranging from 44" to 62", making it suited for a variety of bows.

Overall, FLEMISH Fast Flight Plus is a fantastic compound bowstring that is quick, quiet, and has a lot of stretch. The only minor disadvantage is that it's only available in an 18-strand design, which means it is best suited to heavier bows. It comes in two colours: black and bronze.


  • Premium Quality Flemish Braided Replacement Bowstring - For use on bows rated for low stretch bow string material
  • 18 Strand Fast Flight Plus
  • 3 Bundle constructions - For Bows Up To 70 lbs.
  • The Ultimate High Performance Traditional Bowstring made in the USA


  • Made using Flemish materials
  • Material that is braided
  • Silent to a fault
  • Tuning is simple
  • The flying route is smooth
  • Heavy bows with a draw weight of 70 pounds are ideal


  • Only hefty bows should be used
  • The service area is a little small, and the nocks don't always remain there
  • SAS Flemish Flight Replacement Traditional Recurve Bowstring

SAS Flemish Flight Replacement Traditional Recurve Bowstring is similar to the FLEMISH Fast Flight Plus. This is also a compound bowstring manufactured from superior Flemish Fast Flight material. As a result, the arrows have an incredibly quiet and smooth flight path. In terms of size, this compound bowstring is available in AMO lengths ranging from 44” to 66”, which translates to an actual size range of 40” to 62”. Only a single 18-strand structure is available in terms of tension, making it appropriate for heavier bows with a pull of 70 pounds. The ends of this bowstring have a well-served Flemish finish, making it easy to slip into the ends of the bow. Because of its higher stretch ability, the Flemish-style ends make it easier to tune.


  • Fast Flight Replacement Material: Premium Quality 18 Strand
  • AMO Length: Bowstring Length (Actual Length is 4" Shorter than AMO)
  • Black/Brown in colour
  • Flemish Type is the end type


  • Has the capacity to fly quickly
  • Execution was quiet and fluid
  • Sizes range from 40” to 62” in length
  • Heavy bows with a draw weight of 70 pounds are ideal
  • Ends in the Flemish style


  • The 18-strand construction will slow down the flight of lightweight bows, so it's not recommended
  • Has a small serving so standard nocks don’t grab it well


How do you keep your bowstrings in good shape?

Answer: The most crucial recommendation for bowstrings of all varieties is to wax them. Use a dependable bow string wax and gently apply it to the exposed string. It should never be used on the serving. The frequency with which you wax your bowstring is determined by how often you use it. If your bow is frequently exposed to the outdoors or if you shoot every day, you should wax it at least once every two weeks. You should also keep your bowstring in a cool location. The strands of the bowstring might come apart over time if they are exposed to intense heat.

Is It Necessary To Replace My Bowstrings On A regular Basis?

Answer: The frequency with which you replace your bowstrings is totally dependent on the cam design, how often you use it, how many shots you fire, and how well you maintain it. You should be able to make your bowstring last at least a year if you maintain it properly in accordance with the aforementioned tips. Once a year, a regular target shooter may need to change the bowstring. An ordinary bow hunter, on the other hand, would have to change the bowstring every two years. When your bowstring has worn out and needs to be replaced, you can usually tell.

What Exactly Is HMPE?

Answer: The acronym HMPE stands for High Modulus Polyethylene. Polyethylene chain thermoplastics are also known as Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) or High-Performance Polyethylene (HPE) (HPPE). This is a substance used to create powerful and efficient bowstrings. Other outdoor hobbies that require this material include climbing, yachting lines and sails, and fishing. It's around 8 to 15 times stronger than steel in terms of strength to weight ratio, which is why it's so popular in bowstrings.

Do I need to twist my bow string?

Answer: Adding twists to the string essentially shortens it (imagine twisting a piece of string), increasing the brace height; removing twists effectively lengthens the string, resulting in a smaller brace height. To tune, start with the shortest brace height possible and shoot three arrows.

How long Can I leave A Bow String?

Answer: When they get their hands on a bow, they begin to wonder if a recurve bow can be left strung. A recurve bow can be strung for an almost infinite amount of time, although it is not recommended. You will harm the bow, wear down the strings, and possibly break the bow or injure yourself if you do so.


I hope you now have a solid idea of the various varieties of compound bowstrings available and how to choose the right one for you. As you can see, there is no one-size-fits-all compound bowstring; it all depends on how and why you're using it. So, did you manage to get the ideal bow string for your requirements? Please let us know if you find this information to be helpful.

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