How To Play Archery Tag

How To Play Archery Tag In 2021? Secrets Revealed

The field of war where you get to shoot your mates!

We’re all familiar with paintball, dodgeball, and laser tags, but do you know How To Play Archery Tag? Archery Tag is an awesome fighting game where two or more teams use bows and arrows to battle each other. But don’t be afraid, no blood is involved and we don’t leave bruises! Do You Know What Is Archery Tag? Comment Below

In Archery Tag games, the arrows used have great large marshmallow-style tips that make it much less painful than paintball! There’s no pain involved, you get to shoot your buddies, and you feel like Robin Hood. I bet we have caught your attention, so let’s get into this fantastic game’s equipment and rules!

Equipment for Playing Archery Tag  

1. Bow – a simple lightweight recurve bow.

2. Arrows-patented ‘secure’ tips, weighted and spun carefully to match the bows.

3. Mask-even though ‘head shots’ in the game are illegal, a little extra defence has never gone wrong.

Laws & Rules Of Archery Tag

We need teams to play this game. To divide the group into two teams of 4 players each, the minimum number of people necessary to play is 8. This is the absolute minimum required to play; the normal number of individuals per team is 5.

They need a team name until teams are sorted out. This is when Archery Tag gets creative (no, we don’t reveal our best team names to you. You have to come up with them yourself, but in the comments, you feel free to give us your best effort!)

It’s Can and Can’t Do

Can: Shoot everyone wearing a mask. Step around your side of the field of war. Keep behind or not behind the barricades. Find as many arrows as possible. Using your bow to deflect arrows (be careful that the marshmallow tip does not reach it).

Can’t: Shoot someone who is not wearing a mask. Cross to the enemy’s side of the field of battle. Moving barricades. Load or fire in the central zone of ‘No Man’s Land’. Dry aiming a bow (shooting without an arrow loaded). Shots in the head.

Safety rules of Archery Tag

How to play archery tag and it’s safety rules and regulations. Archery fighting is a safe game to play as long as everyone follows the rules explained by the instructors for each game, and as long as everyone wears protective equipment and no one shoots other players closer than 7 meters.

Someone can get injured needlessly if someone does not obey the rules, and the aim of the Archery Tag is for you to release adrenaline and enjoy this enjoyable activity in a completely safe way. In order to guarantee excitement and fair play, the supervisors will ensure that the rules are clarified and that everyone plays after them at all times.

Only with our homologated bows can the arrows be used together. It is not permitted to shoot with any kind of bow and we will not be responsible for any harm done by those using our bows in the wrong way. Players are also not permitted to shift the barriers in order to keep themselves protected during the entire game.

Get an adrenalin rush and experience the same excitement with Archery Tag Barcelona, the latest game for any group of people who will awaken the Robin Hood within you or maybe more like Arrow or Brave, as a skilled archer feels. It can be appreciated by all the way they want it!

How to Play the Game of Archery Tag 

Games last for 5 minutes, or until one team knocks the other out absolutely (tags!). Each individual has 2 arrows to fire at the beginning of the game. Often, in ‘No Man’s Land’, extra arrows will be mounted. Any team will pick up these arrows (you can’t be hit when in No Man’s Land, but you may need to prepare for fire coverage to get in and out of your barricade safely).

Each team attempts to tag as many enemies as they can once the game begins. If you or your bow gets struck by an arrow, you are out. This implies that you have to switch to the side (keep your helmet on!) and wait before you are rescued by your team mates.

How can I save my teammates, I hear you ask? Well, there are two goals for 5 foam spots, one for each team. You’re back on the side of your team mate shots out a spot. The first person to die is the first to go back into the game after this happens.

But what if you’ve got dead teammates, but you’ve got no dots left to shoot? Ok, our crack squad of only slightly-bribeable referees can replace them as soon as you can fire them, but there is another way to save teammates as well!

All you or your teammates need to do is catch an arrow (a slice of cake) in mid-air! When you’re trying this, you need to be careful not to be hit by the tip, or you’ll tag yourself. It doesn’t count as a hit if an arrow bounces (hits a wall, floor or barricade) and then hits you, and you continue playing.

If it hits a teammate, however, and then hits another one, it’s a double kill! If an arrow bounces (hits a wall, floor, or barricade) and you catch it in the middle of the air without hitting the tip of the marshmallow, it’s real, so you’ve just saved a teammate! Well done! Well done!

Games pass rapidly, so when we rotate teams on and off the courts, we suggest loose clothing and staying on the ball. Our overall group size is 25 people and we all have a pre-organized tournament format to ensure an even number of AvB, CvD, BvC, etc. style games.

We’re playing at a great indoor place with a bar and a Thai food concession in Whitechapel. Yes, in the rain, we could play… When you can guarantee the weather and have a fast half-pint while the other teams are out there ‘eating’ each other, why would you want to?

Do you have a friends’ group? Do You How To Play Archery Tag? In the near future, are you organizing a stag party or have a birthday? Archery Tag is a perfect choice to have a great time when having fun and moving, which is always great! And, there’s always the chance to imagine a Zombie Apocalypse-previously getting in a bit of practice at a moving target won’t hurt you at all.

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