How to Play Archery

How to Play Archery? Effective Guide for Beginners

Archery is a sport of great ability that requires attention to detail and a good eye. In order to learn archery, there are simple steps. Any amateur can easily be competent in this game. But archery needs to be practiced regularly and under supervision in order to learn it, play it, and be a better sportsman. Let us go through the fundamentals of how to play and appreciate the joy of archery.

If you want to get into archery as a sport, but you don’t know where to start, we totally understand how you feel. Many people are very excited to catch a bow and begin shooting, but by all the terminology and equipment and measurements they feel overwhelmed. There is a lot to discover after all!

Steps for learning archery are in place. Any amateur can easily be competent in this game, but archery needs to be practised regularly and under supervision in order to learn it, play it, and be a better sportsman.

Each player willing to take part in archery should ensure that their vision is sharp and that the target can be seen. For any archer, this has to be the first move to take. As the targets are far away and very small, reaching the target requires keen observational ability.

The other items needed are a bow, arrows, and guards to protect different parts of the body during the game from hurts and injuries.

Requirements For Playing Archery

First of all, before starting, you have to collect all the appropriate equipment.

1. Vision Test

Each player willing to take part in archery should ensure that their vision is sharp and that the target can be seen. For any archer, this has to be the first move to take. As the targets are far away and very small, reaching the target requires keen observational ability. To check your vision, you can try these fast tips:

  • By placing your thumbs together and forefingers together, form a triangle. Choose an object 15 feet or so away and position it in the center of the triangle. Close your left eye and decide if the object will remain focused or move. Check it with the right eye, too.
  • Your dominant eye is the eye which holds the object focused.
  • This is important because bows are specifically designed to be carried with either the right or left hand, so understanding which is better for you is important.

2. Essential Safety Equipment to play archery

A bow, arrows, and guards to protect different body parts from hurts and injuries during play this game are important safety equipment that you are required while practicing or playing archery. Mostly, as they release the arrow, the players suffer minor injuries to their wrist areas and fingers.

Therefore, before joining the game, safety for the arm, fingers and chest must be placed on. Also, seasoned archers also use ARM GUARD and glove/finger tabs for shooting. An armguard protects you from the string snap, while a shooting glove/tab protects your fingers against the pressure of pulling back the string.

  • Another recommended piece of protective equipment is a chest guard. It goes across the arm’s shoulder which holds the bow. It helps to flatten the clothes so that they don’t catch the string on them.
  • It’s important to wear bright clothes, usually orange if you are shooting in the woods, or around other shooters, to make yourself highly visible to prevent shooting accidents. When you first start out, there’s no shame in using resources and taking extra precautions. You can decide to avoid using safety equipment if you like when you feel comfortable.

3. Exercise before starting

Before you get started, the first move is to stretch your body. To prevent a tug of the muscle, stretching is obligatory. The players are recommended to do some simple stretches before play archery in order to prevent any injuries that might damage the arms, elbows, and shoulder muscles and result in serious pain. To know more about stretching exercises, read here.

And please ensure that loose clothing should be separated from all hanging items, including earrings. If the player has long hair, as a precaution, it should be tied back.

Procedure for starting an archery game/ play archery

Before starting the archery you must have to follow the tips below:

1) Choose a bow with the right poundage/Wisely choose your tools

Poundage is a definition of how much weight it takes to pull the bowstring back, often called draw weight. The poundage that will suit you the best will decide your size and strength. This is one of the things that an expert can support you with at an archery club. For instance, if you are starting as a child who, depending on their age, will want a draw weight of 10-20 lbs. A big man will like a weight of 35 lbs.

  • If it is too heavy for you, it will make shooting too difficult to pick a draw weight very wisely, but it can also cause damage to your arms because you can struggle to pull the string down.
  • You also don’t want the string to be pulled back too quickly, as this can cause you to over-pull the string.

2) Carry your bow and arrow in a proper form

Placing the arrow in the dent attached to the string is the next move. Generally, the string is made of synthetic material, so fingers need a tab to protect against slight cuts. The rubber-rest keeps the arrow over the bow and it is the player’s job to ensure that the remainder is clicked. The arrow is not permitted to come loose.

To play archery find a bow that’s perfect for you, and that’s secure in your grip. Make sure that the index finger is positioned above the arrow while the arrow is on the dent and the string is extended, with the middle and ring fingers under the arrow. It is important to put the little finger and thumb away. Make sure the string never gets touched. This makes the arrow’s free movement without putting any pressure on it. If you want to know more we have a whole article on ‘How to hold an archery bow‘, let’s check it out.

Now it’s time for the arrow to be shot. The string should be pulled back gently so that the tip of your nose is touched and your hand is below your jaw. If you feel the muscle tense, then relax it and make sure the muscle and your arm are wet.

3) When you practice / hit your target, vary your angles and distances

It’s quite quick to fall into the comfortable trap of setting up a target at the same distance each time and shooting straight on when you’re new. However, you need to shoot from long distances and various angles if you want to improve your ability in archery.

 If you usually shoot at 15 feet, to increase your accuracy from a long-range, take shots from 20, 30, and 40 feet. In an open field, don’t do any of your work for a single goal. If you can, set up some targets in the woods or set up 2-3 targets and practice hitting each of them when you are standing in one position.

4) Practice as much as you can to play archery better

That’s good, but don’t expect to change much if you want to start archery as a casual hobby that you pick up once in a while. It requires consistent practice to become a proficient archer. Set a target to practice a few days a week if you can’t practice every day.

Your muscles can get sore from the new strain of archery, especially at the beginning when you’re new to this game, so make sure you don’t overdo it. In between shooting sessions, give yourself time to relax. You’ll have a better chance of getting the form down if you can practice regularly for at least the first month or so after you learn. Then it could slow down the practice a little.

5) Breathe steadily when you shoot

Beginners made a common mistake of holding their breath during a shot. What this does is reduce your brain’s oxygen and can affect your vision, too. Try to take regular, slow breaths that keep you calm, but don’t cut off your oxygen.

Since archery is a calm activity, from start to finish of the shot, keeping even breathing will keep you calm. A safe idea is to exhale as you release the string to operate concurrently with your pulse and the arrow.

These are some easy but very successful methods, so please note these tips if you seriously want to play archery. It surely helps you to improve your abilities if you obey any of these tricks.

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